Where to work out: Home vs Outdoors vs Gym

Home work outToday, more and more people are deciding to take fitness seriously. Some people love to workout at home, others love outdoors while there are those who prefer to go to the gym. This begs the question; “Which is the best place to work out?” Here are the pros and cons of working out in each of these places;

Working out at home

There are a lot of people who prefer to work out at home. Proper air conditioning at home is a must to be able to work out comfortably.

The pros

  1. Greater convenience: Many people fail to stick to their workout plans simply because of the effort that is needed to go outdoors or to the gym. You are more likely to stick to your work out plan when you are able to work out at home. You will always be able to do everything that you need to do at your pleasure.
  2. It is less expensive: Paying to be a member of a gym can put a lot of strain on your budget. You will only have to invest in equipment that will help you to work out at home once. Once you have everything you need at home, you will not have to pay anything to work out.
  3. Increased privacy and comfort: Exercising in a public place can be overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out. Being able to work out away from the prying eyes can give you a sense of privacy and comfort.

The cons

  1. You can easily fall out of your personal workout routine because of boredom: It is very easy to get bored when you are working out alone. This can prevent you from achieving your work out goals.
  2. You need a lot of floor space: You need to a lot of floor space to work out and to place the workout equipment that you have at home.

Working out outdoors

couple exercisingThere are a lot of people who enjoy working out outdoors. Exercising outdoors will only be possible when the weather is good.

The pros

  1. Exercising outside is pleasurable: You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature as you exercise, especially if you live in beautiful neighborhood. All your senses will be drawn to the surrounding as you strive to keep fit.
  2. You will not have to socialize with anyone: If you want to have some alone time when exercising, you should go outdoors.

The cons

  1. Weather changes: Harsh weather can prevent you from working out outdoors. For example, you may be forced not to go for a workout outdoors when it’s raining.
  2. Physical barriers: There are a lot of physical barriers outside that can prevent you from working out effectively and efficiently.

Working out at the gym

A majority of people who decide to get fit choose to go to the gym.

The pros

  1. working outYou will access a large selection of equipment: The fact that you will be able to access a large selection of equipment at the gym simply means that you are going to have more fitness options. You will be able to use an equipment that can never fit into your home or into your budget at the gym. Going to the gym also makes it easier for you to change your work out plan after few weeks.
  2. Guidance from personal trainers: You will find a personal trainer at the gym who can guide as you start your journey toward getting fit. If you have never worked out before, you may not know where to start. At the gym, you can enroll in a fitness class that suits you best.
  3. Motivation: When you get to the gym, you will work out alongside other people. This will give you the motivation you need to overcome plateaus.

The cons

  1. Monthly fees: You will have to part with some money every month to pay the monthly fees.
  2. Traveling cost: You will have to travel every time you want to work out. A lot of time may be spent on the road when you are going to the gym.
  3. Intimidation: You will meet a lot of people in the gym. If you are self-conscious, the public environment at the gym can intimidate you.

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