How to Train With a Heart Rate Monitor?

working outIf you are thinking of working out seriously, you should consider monitoring your heart rate during your sessions. The heart rate is measured by the number of times your heart is beating every second. During the resting period, your heart rate should be ideally low. This is because, if your heart is strong, it will naturally pump in more blood to the system in every beat compared to a weaker heart. Thus, a stronger heart will require less number of beats.

During the time of working out, the muscles require more oxygen. This oxygen is supplied by the lungs through the bloodstream. Thus, during workout sessions the heart has to beat faster to pump more oxygen to the muscles.

Thus, measuring the heart rate with a heart rate monitor (HRM) helps to assess the effectiveness of your workout. This is because as your body is strengthened through exercise, the heart will also be strengthened.

How does a heart rate monitor function?

heart rate monitorThe most ideal way of monitoring your heart rate is to place a transmitter over the heart, which is held by an adjustable strap, that remains wrapped around the chest. This transmitter is usually connected to a wristwatch by a cord, where the heart rate is displayed.

There are various types of HRM models. The most basic once only display the heart rate, while others even include countdown timers, pre-programmed workouts, calories burnt, etc.

Benefits of using a heart rate monitor

Given the benefits of HRMs, it can be actually worth investing in it.

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