Walk the Extra Mile towards Getting Fit with a Pedometer

walking for exerciseExercising may seem challenging not only with the vigorous physical activities it sometimes entails, but with the time and commitment you will have to put into it. Perhaps the best way to incorporate it in your life is by doing what you normally do, that is, walk! Good old-fashioned walking is still the best form of exercise, which is enhanced in today’s modern times with the use of pedometers. Originally worn by sports athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts, it is now continuously gaining popularity as an everyday fitness tool.

What are Pedometers?

A pedometer is a small device that’s typically portable and electronic built to accurately count the number of steps you take. It does so by detecting the motion of your hands or hips, based on a calibration you have set yourself which customizes it to the distance of your steps. It enables you to track your progress consistently throughout your fitness venture. Pedometers likewise help give motivation, self-discipline, and sure enough, allow individuals to gain the many health benefits of walking. Anyone who bears it is encouraged to become more physically active, and maybe choose to literally go the extra mile whenever possible.

How are Pedometers used?

This beeper-like device is designed to be worn around the waist, clipped to a belt in an upright position, but some can be set upon the arm or ankle. To be deemed effective, it must be regularly worn in the same location, which is critical to yield precise measurements. It is mainly used to help a person meet his or her certain goal denoted in the number of steps taken for the entire day, which results in an increased number of calories burned. One you have found the most suitable position, you’re all set and all you’ve got to do is keep walking.

The Best Pedometers

Here are the top 3 pedometers on the market today to help you find one that’s right for you among those sought after by many for good reasons, and most importantly, get only the best that you deserve!

1. Fitbit Zipfitbit pedometer

-This device does not only track your steps, but calories, food, and other activities too! The screen is small though, providing a view of only one stat at a time, but can be synchronized with an iOS mobile app for a clearer picture of your progress as well.. It looks fun, colorful, quirky, and ideal for the tech-savvy which lets you see your progress right on your mobile device.

2. Yamax Power Walker EX-510

yamax pedometer-Built with a 3D sensor, this pedometer has an 11-step filter which significantly reduces the likelihood of counting extra steps while you walk. It does not have a backlight nor any wireless feature, but has an accuracy rate of 98% that makes it one of the most accurate models available today.

3. Striiv Play

-Walking becomes a very rewarding experience with this device. You will be shown cool stats with graphs, trophies and awards for a job well done. It is best for relaxed, slow walking and doesn’t register other activities like swimming or biking. If you need extra motivation and love games, this pedometer the right one for you, where exercising is made fun and exciting!

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