Top 10 Smartphone Apps For Fitness

couple exercisingWeight loss and staying healthy is a challenge to many people all over the world. Even after trying different types of diets and workout routines, some people can’t seem to shed those extra kilos. However, with the popularity of smartphones, programmers and developers have created different types of apps to help you lose weight and stay healthy. Here is a list of the top 10 smartphone apps for fitness.

1. The Endomondo Sports Tracker

This one of the best smartphone apps available in the market today. The app helps in tracking the duration, speed and calories burnt during distance-based activities like running, jogging and cycling. With this app, you can also enter your workout manually, track your route or workout history, get feedback while working out and track your heart rate when exercising. The best part is that you can even share your workouts with friends and family on Facebook, and check their activities with this app. It keeps you motivated by short text messages which are read aloud to you.

running2. The Cardio Trainer +Racing

This app helps keep track of workouts, runs, races and overall fitness of users. It also comes with a GPS, auto-pause and pedometer, which will automatically pause and resume. These features make it very handy and useful, especially when a runner is interrupted by traffic of pit-stops. Apart from this, the app has customizable diet plans and racing, a feature that allows a runner to run against his own best time.

3. Fitness Buddy

This is the perfect fitness app if you have specific goals, like toning the thighs or abs. The app helps you target specific body areas, like the chest, arms and thighs. With more than 100 exercises that are easily demonstrated with animations, Fitness Buddy is one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goal. You can a select tailor-made workout or create your daily workout, by adding exercise programs that target certain muscle groups. Also, you can easily track your fitness progress with this app.

skateboard training4. Nike Training Club

If you have a celebrity that you really inspires you, then you can try this app. Nike Training club can help you achieve that amazing body you’ve been admiring for years. It offers about 100 custom-built workouts that deal with the core, cardio, and strength training, but also lets you unlock the exclusive extra workouts by Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nunez, and professional athletes like Paula Radcliffe. Other features offered by this great come include video demonstrations or workouts and step-by-step instructions, ability to sync workouts to your music and easy tracing of exercise details.

5. Diet point

The app contains a long list of diet plans to help you lose weight and stay healthy. This easy-to-use weight loss app features meal reminders and BMI calculators. The app helps by counting the calories you consume and weight watchers points for any food. The app also boasts a great community support as well.

6. Lose it!

This is one of the most popular smartphone apps for diet control and calorie tracking. The app helps in calculating the calories in the food you consume. This allows you to keep a check on your daily calorie consumption. All you need to do is enter your current weight, your target weight, your height and age. Lose It! will then calculate the amount of calories you need to cut down in order to achieve the best results.

7. My Meal Mateget fit

Developed by nutrition scientists at the University of Leeds, this app helps you monitor food intake and workout, so as to set the ideal weight loss goal. Just add all restaurant meals, grocery store items, home cooked meals and snacks to establish your daily calorie intake. When the calorie limit is set, you can check the calories before you consume your foods. What’s more, you can also log in the exercise you do for the day, to check the number of calories you burn.

8. RunKeeper

This app is just like a personal trainer in your pocket who guides you and keeps you on track. The app uses GPS to track your cycling, walking, running and hiking activities. With this app, you can know your time, pace, distance and calories burnt during such activities. To measure your performance, just view a detailed history of the activities and check to see when you hit your goals. You can even share your progress and stats with friends on social media.

9. Diet Assistant-Weight Loss

The app lets you choose the best meal option for your diet plans. Just enter your target weight goals and the purpose of your diet, and the app does the rest. The app contains a wide range of diet plans, meal options, and the option to modify the diets and meals based on your tastes. Other features include a weight chart, built-in BMI calculator and dedicated shopping lists for each diet plan.

10. Noom Weight Loss Coach

This app combines the best of fitness and diet apps. It has an exercise tracker with GPS, a pedometer, a log book to keep track of your weight loss progress, a color-coded food logging system, programmable reminders and lots of great tips and articles to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Apart from this, it features social integration and user support forums.

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