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couple exercisingThere are several factors involved in keeping a healthy lifestyle. This makes it extremely hard for you to know whether or not you are on the correct track. Fortunately, there are plenty of devices that you can use to monitor your health at the comfort of your home. Here are some of these devices:

  1. Heart rate monitor

When worn around the chest during a vigorous activity, a heart rate monitor wirelessly transmits your heart rate to a compatible device, thus giving you instant feedback on how you are faring on. Once the Heart Rate Monitor is paired with a compatible device, it will recognize this device every other time automatically.

  1. Vessyl Cup

Vessyl cup is a revolutionary device that is capable of analyzing liquids that you take and inform you what those liquids are. Furthermore, it can tell you dietary contents such as proteins, calories, sugars and fats. It can also identify beverages by name.

  1. Cue

Cue allows you to know your testosterone levels, amount of vitamin D as well as inflammation levels. With only small amounts of saliva, blood or nasal swabs, this device allows you to test the level of fertility.

  1. IBGStar Blood Glucose Meter

This device has literally made checking of blood glucose level much easier. Provided it is connected to an iPhone and has a test strip inserted, you can test the blood glucose level. All you need to do is to use a lancing device to get a blood drop. From there, the results will be shown on the smartphone screen.

  1. CubeSensors

This is a smart device that can identify light, temperature, air quality, humidity and pressure. And by the fact that it identifies these factors, you get alerted accordingly. This keeps you more informed while helping you to breathe more easily.

If you fancy sports, there are a number of sport specific devices that will greatly help you. Read on.

  1. Timex Sport

Developed by Ironman, this device can track sporting times. It has GPS ability as well as fitness tracking. This watch features innovative features and is quite cheap. In simple words, this device has everything that you need.

  1. TomTom Runner Cardio GPSGroup running

This is a device that is specifically meant for runners. It features a one button control, which makes navigation through the menus extremely easy. In case you get lost while running, this watch will help you get back on track quite easily—thanks to the QuickGPS Fix Technology. It also features TOMTOM Sports Mobile app that can keep track of running stats, amount of calories as well as heart rate stats.

  1. Sunnto Ambit3 Sport

This device has all the tracking abilities and is capable of analyzing sleep patterns. It also has a voice coach to take you through your workouts and runs and inform you of the goals you have met as well as the distance you have run. This device comes with a chest worn smart sensor to monitor the heart and its functions.

If you are looking for devices to help you with fitness, then the above tools will become handy. There are also sport specific devices that will see you perfect your sporting activities.

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