Getting Started to Workout, Tracking Progress and Keeping Motivated

get fitA good number of people who want to start working out shy away from doing it because they don’t know where and how to kick off. Once they find a way and motivate themselves, self-confidence steps in and this results in going to the gym and seriously working out. However, the big challenge here is understanding where to start. There are those who are totally new to health and fitness and starting off poses a big challenge. Here, we explore on how to kick off your workout.

Identifying why – Before you start your workout, it is quite important to know why you want to start off the workout in the first place. Does your workout targeting losing weight, toning your body or building lean muscles? Identifying the reason(s) will help get you motivated.

Don’t be afraid to ask – You should be courageous enough to ask, be it your friends, family or a professional, on how they started off their journey. This will give you an idea of what to do, and an understanding on the level you are at.

Getting information – Next step is collecting all the information you need, either through a professional trainer or by the use of instructional videos. This will give you an understanding of what to do, and the machines you need to use.

Starting Slow – You should not be afraid of starting things off slowly. When starting out, do not force yourself to do what is beyond your level. Do it at your own pace and practice the proper posture and form.

Building a routine – After you get more acquainted with the machines, it is the time you build a routine and stick to it. Having a timetable is important to tracking your progress effectively.

Keeping track of your progress

People are constantly trying their best to lose weight, gains muscles and get the results. Some may assume they have made progress because of the time they have spent in the gym, but this may be a false perception. So how do we go about it?


Keeping track of your workout progress starting with scheduling. Scheduling your workout is a great way to make you more organized, and it gives you the opportunity to exercise effectively.

Scheduling helps you in;walking for exercise

The scale and your weight – This is the most effective way of seeing if you have gained or lost weight. If your plan is to lose weight, the scaling machine won’t lie. If your plan is to gain more muscles and become stronger, the more weights you add in the gym, the better you are on the go.

Body fat composition – Finding how much muscles you have and how much you have gained can basically be done with the mirror or by use of taking photos after say, every week. Make use of the muscle weight calculator to keep a better progress.

The Mirror – The mirror never lies and it is a good way of seeing if you are gaining or not. Since you know the kind of the body that you want, the mirror will advise you.

Increase in Reps and Weight – In your training, keep a log of how many reps you complete and the weight associated with each log. If you see you are getting bigger or more ripped, that is a good sign of progress.

Staying motivated while working out

Staying motivated to work can become a bit difficult especially if it takes longer than you had hoped to see the results. Without motivation, you may give up and do other things you find “better”. Motivation varies from one person to the next and you should choose rewards and strategies that challenge you not to give up.

Diet section

You should put a section for each meal that counts towards your calories. At the end of the day, count the total calories so that you may know if you are eating properly. If possible, write down the number of calories, carbs and fat in each food you take. Indicate how much water and sodium you have taken. Lack of water and too much salt promotes less muscle definition.

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